Wednesday 14 February 2024

Net Hero Podcast – Insects: Nature’s waste warriors!

Net Hero Podcast – Insects: Nature’s waste warriors!

Insects are the kings of the planet. They live everywhere and are the most numerous animal on Earth.

We've heard endless stories about how eating insects will be the key to cutting our emissions from our food chain. I'm not so sure we'd all be switching to a cockroach curry or stick insect pie.

But they are nature's ultimate waste disposal experts and one company has come up with a way to use them for just that.

In this podcast I speak to Larry Kotch, co-founder of Flybox. It does what it says and makes modular boxes which grow soldier fly larvae, they are voracious eaters and can munch through organic waste. But not only do they eat the waste, so you don't have to incinerate or send to landfill, they are also a great feed stock for the petfood, fishing and agriculture sectors.

So you make money, reduce waste and cut emissions all naturally! Now that's a real buzz, listen now and subscribe.

Written by

Sumit Bose

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