Calls for World Bank President to quit after climate denial

David Malpass has been labelled a ‘climate denier’ by many for not accepting the human impact on climate change

IMF creates trust to help members tackle climate change

It will come into effect from the 1st May, with the aim of raising $45bn

Folksam invests $31m in green bonds from World Bank

World Bank Green Bonds support the financing of projects in member countries that meet specific criteria for low carbon and climate resilient growth

Climate change ‘could make 216m people leave their homes’

First signs of internal climate migration could emerge as early as 2030, a new report finds

World Bank pledges ‘record levels’ of climate finance in developing countries

Its new Climate Change Action Plan seeks to prioritise action in key systems, including energy, agriculture, food, water and land, cities, transport and manufacturing

World Bank unveils sustainable development bond worth $5bn

The organisation suggests ‘extremely strong demand’ saw more than 100 orders placed with global investors

World Bank approves €136m loan to support ‘climate-smart’ agriculture in China’s Hubei Province

The funds will focus on the improvement of livestock waste, water and nutrient management and the reduction of synthetic fertilisers

IFC provides $150m for green investments in Ukraine

The financing will enable small and medium sized businesses to invest in energy efficient machinery and upgrade their facilities with modern equipment

Uzbekistan commits to tender 900MW of solar power

It supports the country’s ambition to develop a total of up to 5GW of solar power by 2030

World Bank launches CAD15m sustainable development bond

It is part of a campaign to raise awareness for the critical need to protect and sustain water and ocean resources