Hospitals launch V2G project to help Manchester reach carbon-neutrality

EVs that transport medication and medical equipment will store energy and feed it back into the grid to help supply energy at times of peak demand

bp plugs in $7m in smart EV charging firm IoTecha

The EV company uses Internet of Things technology to connect charging points with the electricity grid, homes and buildings and enables EV owners to sell unused electricity back to the grid

EIB backs German smart charging tech firm with €15m loan

The loan will allow the Munich-based company to develop a charging and energy management system which will support the smart integration of EVs to the grid

V2G project turns electric fleet into sources of additional revenue for businesses

E.ON and Nissan have deployed 20 vehicle-to-grid chargers to test how EVs can support the UK grid, save money and reduce carbon emission for companies

ARENA injects $2.4m in one of the world’s largest electric vehicle-to-grid schemes

The programme will see batteries of 50 Nissan Leaf EVs discharge electricity to the Australian grid.

UK Power Networks paints a clear picture of world’s ‘vehicle-to-grid’ technology

A new website called V2G Hub, launched by a team led by UK Power Networks, has gathered a complete picture of vehicle-to-grid projects in one place to help industry collaboration

Electric school buses to power homes in Virginia

The vehicle-to-grid technology will allow the batteries of 50 electric buses in Virgina to store and inject energy onto the grid during periods of high demand

Nissan and EDF team up to drive smart EV charging

They are offering a new package of both an EV and vehicle-to-grid charging, with the aim of reducing the total cost of ownership for businesses

Plymouth City Council plugs into vehicle-to-grid trial  

The E-Flex project aims to demonstrate the role V2G can play in reducing the demand that EVs put on the grid, while proving the economic benefits for commercial fleet owners

Solar-powered car parks with battery storage in new trial

These smart hubs could help increase the ability to charge large amounts of EVs without placing further pressure on the grid