National Rail gets on track for a circular future with coffee cup recycling scheme

Currently, only 30% of people who buy coffee while travelling recycle their cup properly by using a recycling bin specifically for paper cups

‘Light bulb moment came when we learned 90% of the wipes sold in the UK contain plastic’

That’s according to Guy Fennell, who spoke to FNZ about Pura, the company he launched with his wife Abi to make 100% plastic-free baby wipes

Global commitments to net zero double in less than a year

Cities and regions with a carbon footprint greater than the emissions of the US and companies with a combined revenue of more than $11.4tn are now pursuing net zero goals

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo to offset more than 20 tonnes of emissions each year

The attraction suggests this volume of greenhouse gas is equivalent to the amount generated by a typical car driving 167,167 miles

Government invests £300m in aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage sectors

The Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge’s initial £50 million of funding is being granted to 14 manufacturing projects

Government says consolidation of pension schemes could enable greener investments

It suggests defined contribution schemes have the benefit of being able to direct funds towards longer-term, illiquid investments such as housing, infrastructure and green infrastructure

UK Government sets out new digital procurement strategy

It dictates by 2025, all government ICT suppliers must have made a formal and actionable commitment to delivering net zero

Highways England invests £9.3m in ‘try before you buy’ EV scheme

Businesses are being offered a free trial of EVs for two months

Hull launches multi-million-pound project to decarbonise heat across city centre

Hull City Council’s planned district heating network will help achieve the region’s ambition to become carbon-neutral by 2030

More than five million SMETS2 smart meters now installed across the UK

The Data Communications Company notes the installation rate is now nearing where it had reached before lockdown