Thursday 7 December 2023

UK pledges £140m to help developing nations deliver net zero

UK pledges £140m to help developing nations deliver net zero

The UK Government has pledged to provide £140 million to enable developing countries to deliver net zero while growing their economies.

The funding will support governments across Africa, Asia and Latin America extend access to affordable energy and set clean energy targets.

The UK Government estimates the funds could provide clean energy for 8.7 million people, create 25,000 jobs in clean energy industries and reduce carbon emissions by at least 800,000 tonnes.

The package forms part of a £1.6 billion commitment made by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the start of the COP28 conference in Dubai for international climate finance (ICF) projects.

Energy Security and Net Zero Minister Graham Stuart said: “The UK is helping other nations act swiftly to switch to renewable energy and slash emissions on the pathway to net zero, all while creating thousands of new green jobs.

“Backed by an extra £140 million, the UK is leading the world in supporting developing countries to unlock innovation and clean tech in this critical decade for our climate.”

The minister also announced key partnerships with countries on a range of issues to help tackle climate change, including its pledge to the Green Public Procurement Pledge, alongside Germany, Canada and the US, to accelerate low carbon steel, cement and concrete production.

Written by

Sumit Bose

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