Total is Transforming and Becoming TotalEnergies

The company says the name change anchors its strategic transformation into a broad energy company in its identity

Total tops Energy Intelligence’s Vulnerability Index

The index is intended to show which companies are best-positioned to survive the energy transition and which could be hurt the most

Total partners with Siemens Energy to reduce LNG-related emissions

The collaboration will focus on natural gas liquefaction facilities and associated power generation

Total gives itself 15 years to make its products 15% less carbon intensive

Total has introduced a carbon intensity indicator, which measures the average greenhouse gas emissions of the energy products it markets

Total begins producing sustainable aviation fuel in France

The biojet fuel, made from used cooking oil, will be delivered to French airports starting in April 2021

MHI Vestas wind turbine
Gone with the wind: Offshore strategy at Total

‘You need all the different food groups and tech in the diet’, says Olivier Terneaud, Vice President, offshore wind, gas, renewables & power of the plan for Total to reach net zero by 2050

‘Energy-intensive businesses can’t go green on their own’

Ibstock and Total say the secret to their partnership’s green success has been a shared ambition to deliver net zero

Business and renewable energy
Total Quadran: A 360° renewable energy solution

More than a million people in France and French territories benefit from Total Quadran’s green energy solutions. A number set to rise with the increasing adoption of renewables by customers

Total’s ‘technologies of tomorrow’: AUSEA

Airborne Ultra-Light Spectrometer for Environmental Application, or AUSEA, is one of Total’s game-changing environmental innovations

EV Charge: Electric mobility accessible wherever and whoever you are!

Total: An instantly recognisable name by the roadside almost anywhere in the world