Mercedes F1 first motorsports team to sign Climate Pledge

This initiative, founded in 2019 by Global Optimism and Amazon, aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement target

‘FIFA’s carbon-neutral claims at Qatar World Cup were false’

A commission claims the football federation was “not able to provide proof that the claims were accurate”

Mercedes F1 team says biofuels cut emissions by 89%

Biofuels will be implemented for its freight trucks for the entirety of next season, it has said

Surfing champ calls for sport to become more sustainable

Most surfboards and wetsuits are currently made from petrochemicals, leading to high carbon emissions

Spurs wins green Premier League for fourth time

Each club in England’s top flight has been ranked for its climate action and carbon reduction

Barry Hearn says he’ll help snooker fans sue Just Stop Oil protestor

“Join me in taking civil action against that young man for the cost incurred,” the former World Snooker Chairman said

Non-league football side appoints net zero partner

Chester FC has vowed to score climate goals for the planet

Which EFL club tops the sustainability league?

Points have been awarded based on energy, transport, plastics and education on climate change

Premier League teams flying to games – what’s the impact?

New research has found that for 100 fixtures, 81 short-haul flights were taken, with some as short as 27 minutes

A sustainable slam dunk

A basketball court built from racing tyres?