Schneider Electric appoints Mark Yeeles as new VP for Secure Power Division

He joins from the Industrial Automation business

How do we make our buildings greener?

Find out in this week’s podcast

Three ways asset modernisation is tearing up wasteful ‘rip and replace’ cultures

by David Pownall, VP of Services at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric helps Landsec create flagship Net Zero building in London’s cultural hub of Bankside

Today it is announced that The Forge, Landsec’s first net zero carbon (NZC) commercial development is to feature smart energy management solutions from Schneider Electric

The road to smart homes starts with smart EV charging

It is no longer enough to simply have an EV charger installed on your home – it must be smart

‘The charger is a gateway to an energy transition at home’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast is a special for our EV feature week, how does the future look for EVs and are they worth your investment?

Net Hero Podcast – EV and Charging week special

I speak to Amit Chopra from Schneider Electric on why EVs might just help you beat the energy price crisis

Could grids of the future provide the path to an equal society?

Smart grids have been in the headlines for over a decade. Today we’ve finally reached an impasse: our existing energy infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose

Investment into green energy is crucial in protecting consumers in the energy/cost-of-living crisis

David Hall, from Schneider Electric highlights the urgent need to invest in a green energy infrastructure to regulate costs for consumers and protect them from any disruption in services

Why low-voltage assemblies are essential for EV charging

By Tom Mennell, General Manager of Low Voltage Distribution, Schneider Electric UK and Ireland