Investment into green energy is crucial in protecting consumers in the energy/cost-of-living crisis

David Hall, from Schneider Electric highlights the urgent need to invest in a green energy infrastructure to regulate costs for consumers and protect them from any disruption in services

Big Zero Report 2023

David Hall, VP Power Systems at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland says “the energy and cost-of-living crisis has uncovered the cracks in the UK’s energy infrastructure. Operators are scrambling to forge a plan that will ease the threat of blackouts this winter. A top-down approach is needed to ensure consumers are protected from the worst impacts of inflated energy prices and supply shortages.”

He shares that “with greater investment into smart, digital grids, the UK need not fear blackouts or disruptions in usage. Harnessing a smarter grid would bolster our energy supply by creating cost-effective, resilient network efficiencies that protect consumers while incorporating a greater mix of renewable energy.”

“In turn, this will enable a prosumer revolution – potentially putting a greater share of the energy supply back into the hands of consumers and businesses. It should be the norm for consumers to sell energy back to the grid in off-peak times, not a prize, granting them an additional stream of revenue as well as greater control over their usage in this era of uncertainty.”

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