‘The charger is a gateway to an energy transition at home’

This week’s Net Hero Podcast is a special for our EV feature week, how does the future look for EVs and are they worth your investment?

Big Zero Report 2023

future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose spoke with Amit Chopra, Head of e-mobility at Schneider Electric, this week – on why more businesses should choose to adopt electric fleets, the available infrastructure, the price point and how it can transform a company’s environmental impact.

With the current energy crisis, EVs have been touted as the answer to sky-high gas prices – and could they offer energy independence to a business?

Mr Chopra explains that 70% of charging is still done at home but states that “the charger is a gateway to an energy transition at home.”

On the difference of businesses taking up EVs, however, he said: “If you put the up-front cost of the vehicle in there – which is higher than a petrol or diesel car today – and look at it over a four to five year period, it’s significantly lower to own a battery electric vehicle today over four years, than it is a petrol or diesel car.”

Given that businesses look at the full lease period for fleets more than private drivers, Mr Chopra explains how important it is to take the full cost into account.

But how can turning your business electric save you some cash?

Listen to the full episode above to find out.

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