‘New York’s skyscrapers are sinking the city’

Sea levels in the city have risen by 22cm since 1950, linked to both climate change and sinking buildings

UN Chief: Rising sea levels could see entire countries disappear

Without action “a mass exodus of entire populations” could be on the cards, Mr Guterres said

Lottery protects Cornwall from climate change with £2m

This is as rising sea levels and increased storms continue to impact the region

‘Arctic rain has increased by 15% in 72 years’

This is due to the impact of global warming on the region

‘Half the world’s languages could be lost to climate change’

This is due to indigenous communities being forced to migrate away from climate dangers

Viral map of US in 2050 found out to be Mediterranean Sea

Online users believed the map to show how rising sea levels would impact the country

By 2050, climate change could take 200k properties

This is as sea levels rise alongside temperatures