‘Car industry to surpass Paris aims by 75%’

If urgent action isn’t taken, its entire carbon budget will be spent by 2035 – a study claims

‘Searches for EVs rose by 113% in 2022’

This is compared with engagement from 2021

Polestar working on batteries for electric boats

The deal is a first of its kind between the automotive and marine sectors

Polestar drives emissions down by 6% per car

The company has cleaned up the supply chain with renewables and energy efficient measures

Volvo building EV charging stations and boosting Polestar

It will install 60 chargers across the US and support the growth of the EV brand

Polestar seeks collaborations for ‘groundbreaking’ climate-neutral car

The car manufacturer is calling on organisations to work together to reduce emissions in the supply chain ‘rather than simply planting trees to offset CO2’

Google and Polestar sign up to global net zero initiatives

The tech giant and EV maker have announced they are joining the Exponential Roadmap Initiative and UN Race to Zero campaigns

EV maker Polestar using blockchain tech to track carbon

Polestar plans to use carbon footprint data to help cut emissions in its production process and supply chain