Volvo building EV charging stations and boosting Polestar

It will install 60 chargers across the US and support the growth of the EV brand

Big Zero Report 2023

Swedish car maker Volvo has taken the next steps in accelerating its journey towards electric vehicles (EVs) – building a network of new chargers and looking to grow EV specialist brand Polestar.

Volvo has partnered with ChargePoint to build EV chargers throughout Starbucks branches in five different US states.

In total, 60 chargers will be installed from Seattle to Denver by the end of this year, with Volvo EV owners being able to use the stations for free.

The move will represent the only other set of automaker branded EV stations in the US other than Elon Musk’s Tesla.

The Swedish company also currently has a 49.5% share in Polestar and has revealed it has an extensive growth plan in place to take the EV brand to the next level.

Volvo has declared it will subscribe to potential future equity issued by the brand.

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