‘Hydrogen heating may save £5bn more than heat pumps’

Using hydrogen for home heating could save more than £5 billion annually compared to electric heat pumps, according to research from Imperial College London

UK’s energy mix breezes past fossil fuels

Electricity production generated from fossil fuels reached its lowest point since the Covid pandemic, with carbon emissions dropping to a three-year low, according to a report

New IPCC boss: “Energy consumption is the UK’s biggest challenge of net zero”

In a recent interview, Jim Skea reflected on the swift rise of the net zero concept, which gained popularity after the IPCC’s 1.5°C report

Low vote of confidence given to 90% of net zero pledges

Only the UK, New Zealand and EU managed to gain a high vote of confidence

Wind powers the UK more than gas for the first time

Wind provided 32.4% of the nation’s power, with gas delivering 31.7%, analysis claims

‘Green energy can be the cheap solution for refugees’

That’s according to research by Imperial College London, which looked at how solar could be integrated into local grids

Bill Gates: ‘UK has all ingredients needed to be net zero’

The country can become a leader in the field, the billionaire businessman told Rishi Sunak

Imperial College London secures £6.1m to develop sustainable materials from biowaste

The five-year ‘VALUE’ project aims to provide opportunities to move away from unsustainable traditional materials and reduce carbon emissions and waste

IEA and partners launch new tool to track borrowing costs for energy projects

The IEA estimates reducing financing costs by 2% would bring down the investment needed to reach net zero emissions in emerging and developing economies by $16tn until 2050

Oil and gas giants’ carbon projections ‘incompatible with Paris Agreement’

bp, Shell and Equinor’s climate scenarios don’t keep temperature rises to 1.5°C, researchers claim