Wednesday 3 August 2022

Imperial students looking to be ‘net zero leaders’

Imperial students looking to be ‘net zero leaders’

Students from Imperial College London have demonstrated their different ideas for net zero, in a science event held by the university.

Imperial has launched the ‘Transition to Zero’ initiative, which sees students and academics discuss the best means to cut the carbon footprint of materials, energy production and the tackling of air pollution.

The university has stated its desire to help shape and propagate the next set of leaders in the net zero space; funding climate research and offering new postgraduate training programmes.

Professor Emma McCoy, Vice-Provost, explained: “Our focus is to educate the next generation of leaders that can tackle the sustainable development goals and climate targets.

“But we can’t just have education in one narrow silo if we are to solve these large global challenges. The role of universities is research and innovation, supporting future generations, raising awareness and building partnerships.”

The students presented ideas to embassies from Brazil, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Algeria, Nepal, Italy and more – to press the urgency of a global effort to achieve net zero.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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