Could a ‘hydrogen bank’ fuel Scotland’s green dreams?

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen are developing technology to store electricity from renewables as green hydrogen in depleted oil and gas reservoirs

US unveils national clean hydrogen strategy

The new framework aims to accelerate the production, storage and utilisation of hydrogen

‘UK must take action on hydrogen storage before 2025’

That’s because the country has just 5% of Germany’s gas infrastructure, new analysis has found

Fresh £24m grant offered to establish two UK hydrogen research hubs

They are expected to drive forward the national effort in hydrogen research and support the UK’s 2050 net zero goal

New collaboration announced for innovative hydrogen storage solution

GKH Hydrogen has developed HY2MEGA, which can enable long duration clean energy storage without the need for compression and at scale, the combined technology could provide resilient power in case of outages

Scottish Government launches £10m hydrogen innovation scheme

It will provide investment over the next four years, with the aim of accelerating production and storage of the technology as well as unlocking additional private investment

‘Germany needs 41TWh hydrogen storage to reach net zero’

This needs to be built from scratch, new research claims

Groupe Renault and Faurecia to collaborate on hydrogen storage systems

The French car manufacturer will have its first fleet of hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles on the roads by the end of this year

H2GO Power trials AI for hydrogen storage technology

Initial results show it has the potential to increase power reliability, allow for the integration of higher levels of renewable energy and help accelerate the shift towards a net zero carbon economy