More than 150 multinationals urge governments to ensure climate-aligned economic recovery

The businesses are calling for global policies to build resilience against future shocks by supporting efforts to hold global temperature rise to within 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels

Climate change ‘could cost global economy nearly $10tn by 2050’

A new report warns nature losses and environmental damage need to be rapidly reversed in order to avoid severe financial losses across multiple vital sectors

Global Instant Water Heater market ‘to hit $15bn by 2026’

Global Market Insights predicts the sector will see a compound annual growth rate of more than 3% between 2020 and 2026, driven by adoption across a range of sectors

Solar and wind power
Corporate clean energy buying jumped 40% last year

More than 100 corporations in 23 different countries signed PPAs for renewable energy in 2019, with tech giants taking the lead

The global economy ‘is only 8.6% circular’

That’s the warning from the Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative, which says this is down from 9.1% two years ago

Mastercard and partners team up for Priceless Planet Coalition

The Priceless Planet Coalition brings together organisations including Citibank, Saks Fifth Avenue and Transport for London and aims to plant 100m trees over five years

Industry giants form coalition to accelerate offshore wind development

The international Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition will represent the offshore wind sector in the global dialogue on climate change

Shell links $10bn revolving credit facility to carbon footprint target

The oil and gas giant has set a goal to reduce the net carbon footprint of the energy products it sells by around 20% by 2035

Efficient use of materials for homes and cars ‘key to cutting emissions’

New analysis suggests CO2 equivalent emissions could be reduced by up to 25 gigatons between 2016 and 2060 across the G7 countries

Google joins World Green Building Council’s Corporate Advisory Board

The Board consists of a select group of companies that are global leaders on sustainability and serve to guide WorldGBC on its strategy and activities