Football goes green with FA and E.ON pact

The collaboration will introduce a decarbonisation programme to assist clubs in slashing energy costs and embracing sustainability

Barclays halts financing for new oil and gas projects

Barclays has decided to stop funding new oil and gas projects directly and introduced stricter rules for clients expanding in these sectors

Boiler manufacturers to spike gas installation costs

Leading boiler manufacturers are reportedly increasing gas boiler installation costs due to anticipated fines for not meeting government heat pump targets

National Grid launches second phase of heat pump trial

The project involves more than 1,000 customers in a trial showcasing the potential of heat pump flexibility to cut energy bills and alleviate peak electricity demand

E.ON launches global carbon marketplace in COP28

Seagrass, E.ON’s subsidiary, aims to bridge the gap between certified carbon projects and large scale demand from buyers with ambitious climate strategies

UK allocates £960m to support clean energy manufacturing

The investment aims to expand UK clean energy supply chains, including carbon capture, electricity networks, hydrogen, nuclear and offshore wind

E.ON unveils ‘Germany’s largest’ cooling supply site

The energy company and Heidelberg University Hospital have inaugurated the plant which has a 48MW capacity, addressing the university campus’s growing cooling demands

Office with lights left on
Ofgem’s new guidance on fair treatment for business customers

The energy regulator has issued guidance to non-domestic energy suppliers to ensure fair treatment for businesses, focusing on deemed rate contracts

“Even the best businesses can do more on energy efficiency”

We spoke to Centrica’s Head of Sales, John Hyde, who told us that businesses should embrace sustainability before they are forced into it by legislation

OVO vows to slash carbon offsetting and achieve net zero by 2035

The energy supplier has committed to limit its reliance on carbon offsetting to just 10% of its emissions