E.ON launches global carbon marketplace in COP28

Seagrass, E.ON’s subsidiary, aims to bridge the gap between certified carbon projects and large scale demand from buyers with ambitious climate strategies

Big Zero Report 2023

Seagrass Limited, a subsidiary of E.ON, has officially launched its carbon marketplace in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The platform, named Seagrass, aims to facilitate the trade of carbon credits, connecting buyers with certified projects.

The company intends to leverage the marketplace’s technology and transparency to address the increasing demand for carbon offsets.

Naveed Tariq, Chief Executive Officer of Seagrass, said: “Carbon markets will play a crucial role in the transition to a sustainable world.

“They can deliver climate impact at scale to help us meet the 1.5°C Paris Agreement goal and be instrumental in providing the trillions of dollars needed to close the climate finance gap.”

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