Monday 13 November 2023

E.ON unveils ‘Germany’s largest’ cooling supply site

E.ON unveils ‘Germany’s largest’ cooling supply site

E.ON and Heidelberg University Hospital have inaugurated a cooling centre in Neuenheimer Feld, Heidelberg, boasting a cooling capacity of 48MW.

This facility aims to meet the growing cooling demands of the Heidelberg University campus, projected to nearly double by 2030.

The new cooling plant, designed for a production volume of up to 12,000 cubic metres, represents a significant investment by E.ON.

In its initial stage, the centre will have a capacity of 12MW, with expansion plans aligned with the university's evolving cooling requirements.

The installation of up to 27 hybrid recoolers will contribute to a recooling capacity of up to 65MW, enhancing efficiency and reducing raw water requirements.

Together with the existing cooling centre boasting a generation capacity of 40MW, the site now stands as Germany's largest and one of Europe's most substantial cooling supply installations.

E.ON's commitment to the sustainable development of Heidelberg's refrigeration supply is underscored by a total investment of approximately €40 million (£34.9m) since 2019.

This investment encompasses the planning, construction, and expansion of cooling supply lines to ensure uninterrupted service to vital institutes, including the University Hospital and research facilities.

Written by

Sumit Bose

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