UK unlocks 50GW capacity for early grid connection

The UK’s electricity grid has expedited the availability of 50GW capacity for generators and battery storage providers, outpacing initial schedules

UK hydrogen hopes crash – plunges from second to eighth place

Delays and uncertainty have stunted the UK’s hydrogen progress, allowing other countries to surge ahead, industry says

Britain smashes flexibility records

Britain’s local flexibility markets saw a record 4.6GW capacity tendered last year, with 2GW successfully contracted

Hydrogen heat: Gas industry chiefs aim to warm up to 17m UK homes by 2050

Gas industry leaders have committed to using hydrogen to provide 20-35% of the UK’s energy demand by 2050

Energy industry braces for UK’s Green Day – Will it be a game changer or a flop?

A package of green policies is expected to be announced to aid the UK’s net zero target, but what exactly are the hopes of the energy industry for the following day?

How the UK’s energy networks are connecting with communities

With Net Zero networks to deliver by 2050, making sure that stakeholders’ voices are heard is more important than ever to the energy networks

Hydrogen to be transported through 29km Scottish pipeline

INEOS has launched a trial to transport hydrogen into the gas grid through a decommissioned pipeline in Scotland

The future of flexibility: boosting market confidence and expanding opportunities for customers

Simon Brooke, the Common Evaluation Methodology project lead for ENA’s Open Networks programme and ED2 DSO Business Plan lead at Electricity North West talks about encouraging more liquidity in flexibility markets

Britain charges up Ukraine

The UK will donate more than 500 mobile generators to power essential facilities, including hospitals

Making sure that stakeholders’ voices are heard is more important than ever

Dr.Avi Aithal, Technical Lead for ENA’s world-leading Open Networks programme, provides an overview on how the industry can get involved with their work this year