Hydrogen to be transported through 29km Scottish pipeline

INEOS has launched a trial to transport hydrogen into the gas grid through a decommissioned pipeline in Scotland

Big Zero Report 2023

INEOS has partnered with SGN to trial transporting hydrogen through a 29-kilometre decommissioned pipeline.

The project, which is funded by Ofgem will see hydrogen, supplied by the chemicals giant, transported from INEOS Grangemouth facility to Granton, Scotland.

The project aims to demonstrate whether repurposing existing natural gas networks for hydrogen is feasible.

Earlier this year, in its ‘Britain’s Hydrogen Blending Delivery Plan’ report, the Energy Networks Association (ENA) suggested all five of Britain’s gas grid companies will meet the government’s target for Britain’s network of gas pipes to be ready to deliver 20% hydrogen to homes and businesses from 2023.

Andrew Gardner, Chairman INEOS Grangemouth, said: “We believe that Grangemouth is the ideal location in Scotland to create a hub for hydrogen production, use and export.”

SGN Director of Energy Futures Gus Mcintosh said: “Our Local Transmission System is part of the
national critical infrastructure that reaches millions of homes and businesses across the UK.

“So, repurposing it for hydrogen could support a hydrogen system transformation that is least cost and least disruptive to customers.”

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