UK carbon price decline raises concerns

The UK’s declining and volatile carbon prices have raised concerns about their impact on clean energy investment, lost Treasury revenue and potential carbon taxes

UK Power Networks receives £6.2m for decarbonisation projects

UK Power Networks has secured the funding from Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund for 13 projects supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s heat and transport sectors

Third-party energy costs in 2024

New research predicts a decrease in business energy costs for 2024 due to falling wholesale energy prices

“We are seeing less of an uptake of green energy from businesses”

We Spoke to Oliver Kruc, Sales Channel Manager at British Gas Business about the cost of the pandemic on net zero

Europe’s renewable PPA prices rise 2%

In the third quarter, Europe saw a modest 2% increase in renewable PPA prices, with some markets experiencing price hikes due to complex energy dynamics, according to a report

Top 5 hungry appliances in your business energy bills

Business energy bills are often an area of concern as we head into the colder, darker more energy-intensive autumn and winter months

Energy industry responds to proposed bill increases

Experts are advocating for the implementation of social tariffs and help-to-repay schemes as a solution to the energy debt crisis

CCC: UK Government’s net zero U-turn to hit wallets hard

The government’s own climate advisers have issued a stark warning that the policy rollback is likely to lead to a significant increase in energy bills for the public

Exeter homes go green with loan support

Exeter City Council has partnered with a social enterprise to encourage homeowners to improve their properties’ energy efficiency, with accessible financing options

OVO offers 6,000 free EV miles

OVO has partnered with Select Car Leasing to offer EV drivers 6,000 miles of free home charging through OVO’s Charge Anytime add-on