Thursday 4 January 2024

Historic homes go green: UK’s energy efficiency overhaul

Historic homes go green: UK’s energy efficiency overhaul

New plans have been published to address challenges in retrofitting energy efficient measures in historic homes.

The UK Government aims to enhance energy efficiency in homes predating 1919, reducing energy bills while preserving historical features.

Commitments include consultations on development management policies, exploring the use of Listed Building Consent Orders, providing clearer guidance and reforming Energy Performance Certificates.

Developed in collaboration with relevant departments and Historic England, the review responds to broader challenges beyond the planning system.

Minister for Housing and Communities Baroness Penn said:  "Our historic homes are the jewel in the crown of this country’s heritage and must be protected.

"This review will ensure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy, while also improve the lives of those who live in them by reducing their energy costs, supporting us in our shared goal to reach net zero by 2050."

Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive of Historic England, said: "This review demonstrates that heritage needn’t be a barrier and identifies opportunities to unlock the potential of historic buildings in England to contribute to meeting our net zero target."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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