Energy subsidies for UK businesses slashed

The government has confirmed it will offer less help with business energy bills – the new scheme provides a discount on energy bills until March 2024

UK poised to slash business energy bill support by 85%

The new package, due to be revealed later this week, will reportedly cost £5 billion

Will business energy bill support be halved?

The move is expected to reduce taxpayers’ bill

EDF to reconsider end date of two UK nuclear plants amid new windfall tax

EDF has said it will consider the technical and business case of the potential life extension of Heysham 1 and Hartlepool nuclear plants

Energy prices to change in January – but by how much?

The government is adjusting the EPC, which will see some households’ bills go up minimally

UK government borrows £22bn to fight energy crisis

That’s according to official data from the ONS

Regular water checks at sites in winter – and at other times – helps reduce risks to business running smoothly

Looking closer at water use at a site during the year can have a range of benefits for organisations – large and small

How to save on energy bills whilst watching the World Cup

FIFA’s tournament in Qatar comes to an end this Sunday, with France taking on Argentina – but what can you do to save money on your energy bills while you watch?

‘Europe cutting gas faster than UK’

New research suggests the UK is lagging behind the continent in ditching natural gas

Energy blackouts will see more elderly accidents

Accidents in the home cost the NHS £374m a year, a report claims