CMA launches enquiry into green heating

It is looking to protect customers, as they look to cut bills this winter

UK boosts heat pump projects with £15m

A total of 24 projects in England and Scotland have won funding to make heat pumps cheaper and easier to install

Will the mini-budget create “economic growth” or “chaos”?

Can the measures unlock Britain’s economic potential or plunge more people into fuel poverty? Here’s what the industry says about the mini-budget

Mini-budget: Chancellor outlines tax cuts and energy bill support

Kwasi Kwarteng has said “the help is coming” for households and businesses amid the “worst energy crisis in generations”

Renewable energy
Who’s set to benefit from energy cap spending?

The taxpayer needs to know who will receive Liz Truss’ cap on energy bills, a report stresses

Office with lights left on
UK to cap business energy bills

The scheme will run for six months and will start in October

‘None of the G20 are cutting carbon quick enough’

Most countries actually saw increases in emissions

Chancellor looking at ‘blanket energy bill discount’ for businesses

Business energy bills could reportedly be lowered through a fixed discount on current contracts

Investment into green energy is crucial in protecting consumers in the energy/cost-of-living crisis

David Hall, from Schneider Electric highlights the urgent need to invest in a green energy infrastructure to regulate costs for consumers and protect them from any disruption in services

Energy crisis could kill EV revolution before it’s started

As charging your car goes up, will it be worth making the switch from petrol?