UK energy network operators to offer over 700 apprenticeships

The roles range from community-based to administrative positions, encompassing apprentice analysts, engineers and corporate positions

How the UK’s energy networks are connecting with communities

With Net Zero networks to deliver by 2050, making sure that stakeholders’ voices are heard is more important than ever to the energy networks

The future of flexibility: boosting market confidence and expanding opportunities for customers

Simon Brooke, the Common Evaluation Methodology project lead for ENA’s Open Networks programme and ED2 DSO Business Plan lead at Electricity North West talks about encouraging more liquidity in flexibility markets

Making sure that stakeholders’ voices are heard is more important than ever

Dr.Avi Aithal, Technical Lead for ENA’s world-leading Open Networks programme, provides an overview on how the industry can get involved with their work this year

Webinar: Energy networks flexibility solutions tool consultation

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here

World-leading ENA programme marks five years of industry collaboration

The first five years of collaboration across Britain’s energy networks has delivered transformational change to a smarter, more flexible energy system in the UK

Britain’s energy networks mark a range of firsts in the race to net zero

Britain’s energy networks marked a range of market leading achievements across the past year through its Open Networks programme

Flexibility is key to reaching net zero – but why?

We spoke with ENA’s Farina Farrier about how energy networks are set to adapt to the green transition and what this means for the market and infrastructure

Britain’s energy networks announce ambitious plans for 2022 as efforts to enable net zero are ramped up

Strong progress was made in 2021, however there is much more to do and 2022 will be another important year as collaboration, flexibility and the drive for decarbonisation remain a priority

‘Everything the networks are doing is with an eye on net zero’

Listen to our latest podcast with ENA’s Randolph Brazier on what the networks are doing to help in the energy transition and the key role they play