Carlton Power unveils plans for £40m hydrogen hub in Cumbria

The Barrow Green Hydrogen Hub will see sustainable hydrogen fuel being produced at scale, supporting the growth of renewable generation by using it to produce and store hydrogen

Nuclear waste removed from Sellafield

The waste has been held for 60 years, in what the NDA calls one of its most hazardous sites

Which city will become home to the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant?

The plant is anticipated to start operations in the early 2040s

Government ‘calls in’ controversial plan for Cumbria coal mine

The government is set to hold a public inquiry to decide whether the coal mine should be allowed to go ahead

CCC urges government to rethink approval of new coal mine on climate grounds

Lord Deben has stressed the West Cumbria Mining Company project will conflict with the UK’s national target of delivering net zero by 2050