Manufacturers can make headway on carbon reductions, efficiency and sustainability gains, by looking more at water

Helen Murphy, Key Account Manager at Water Plus, the UK’s largest water retailer and official business water partner for Future Net Zero, works with a range of manufacturers and other businesses around their water use, helping with areas including bespoke proactive water management plans at sites

Spurs wins green Premier League for fourth time

Each club in England’s top flight has been ranked for its climate action and carbon reduction

Increase in business customers using green energy products from SSE Energy Solutions

SSE Energy Solutions’ Green Electricity and Green Gas has achieved EcoAct (an Atos company) verification once again, as the company reported a fourfold increase in business customers using green energy products over the past year

How can you tell if your Carbon Consultant knows what they are talking about?

George Richards, Director, JRP Solutions

What does 2,000,000 tonnes of CO2 look like?

To visualise a tonne of CO2e, imagine a hot air balloon. Now imagine if there were 2,000,000 hot air balloons in the skies above you

How will you tackle ESOS Phase 3?

Have you thought about how you will comply with ESOS Phase 3? We are already working with many organisations who are taking the opportunity to roll ESOS into their Net Zero plans

What will energy management look like in 2030?

The way we’re using electricity is changing. Decarbonisation of heat and power and an increase in electricity consumption means greater dependence on intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar

Why install workplace charging stations?

Workplace charging stations can help accelerate your organisation’s decarbonisation objectives, supporting colleagues with the transition to electric vehicles, and save businesses a significant amount of money on fuel

An introduction to carbon accounting

How can organisations find a route to net zero emissions? Many businesses, industries and countries have pledged to balance their emissions before mid-century

How Drax saved £80,000 by investing in solar

Drax, are enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future. Their recent successes in solar power are doing just that