What will energy management look like in 2030?

The way we’re using electricity is changing. Decarbonisation of heat and power and an increase in electricity consumption means greater dependence on intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar

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These changes mean we need to work differently to balance electricity supply with demand. As a result, we’re shifting from a centralised energy system to a decentralised or distributed energy system – where energy is generated by lots of different operations all around the country, away from the main grid.

We all have a role to play in this change process. The way your organisation manages its electricity today might look very different in 10 years’ time.

Why should I change the way I use and manage energy?

Shifting how we use our energy will result in a host of benefits for your business and the UK including

  • Supporting system stability
  • Cost avoidance and revenue generation
  • Reaching net zero targets
  • Future proofing your business

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