How will you tackle ESOS Phase 3?

Have you thought about how you will comply with ESOS Phase 3? We are already working with many organisations who are taking the opportunity to roll ESOS into their Net Zero plans

Big Zero Report 2023

This is the ideal time to start your Phase 3 ESOS audits. ESOS and other energy audits we’ve undertaken in the last two phases have shown that most organisations have considerable opportunities to save energy, costs and emissions, often with very little cost. With soaring energy prices, payback for any investment has been radically shortened.

If you’d like to know more about the changes in Phase 3, there is also a lot of information about ESOS on our website here and here. If you missed the webinar “ESOS Phase 3 compliance on the road to net-zero” we hosted in conjunction with Edie in September, the webinar was recorded and is available here.

A staggering 68% of Phase 2 ESOS assessments were not fully legally compliant. If you appoint us to carry out your Phase 3 audit, we will guarantee legal compliance and give you qualified, expert advice on the best approach for your organisation.

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