London City Airport circles 2030 net zero target

It is looking to become London’s first net zero airport

‘Airlines miss all but one climate target in 20 years’

This is due to the aviation sector regulating themselves, a new report claims

easyJet partners on hydrogen aviation venture

It hopes to have customers flying in hydrogen-powered planes by the end of the decade

Aviation expert group launched for hydrogen planes to take-off

The group has been launched by Grant Shapps and Kwasi Kwarteng to work under the Jet Zero Council

Airbus and Kawasaki to boost hydrogen in Japan

The companies have signed an agreement focusing on aviation

New project starts turning CO2 into SAF

United Airlines has invested in a Houston-based company to bring this technology to market

British Airways becomes first airline to use UK-produced SAF at scale

Phillips 66 is producing the fuel in Humber, made from feedstocks and cooking oil

Government fuels green aviation with £685m

This new funding will be used to build low-emission aircraft and boost hydrogen technologies

DHL inks 800m litre SAF deals

The deal is expected to reduce carbon emissions to the same level as taking 400,000 cars off the road

Ryanair pledges to hit net zero by 2050

It is increasing its use of SAF and procuring new planes to cut down carbon emissions