Sunak vs climate advisers on airport expansions

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reject the formal advice from the Climate Change Committee, defying calls to halt airport expansions

Investment flies into sustainable aviation fuel

International Airlines Group has partnered with cleantech company to invest in sustainable aviation fuel

UK Ecotricity boss unveils ‘UK’s first’ electric airline

In early 2024, Ecojet, will begin operating flights to and from Edinburgh using a fleet of conventional planes that have been retrofitted with hydrogen-electric powertrains

‘Climate change making flights more turbulent’

From 1979 to 2020, severe turbulence shot up by 55%, new research reveals

Net zero is a ‘PR exercise,’ says Qatar Airways boss

He believes a 2050 target is not possible and the industry is being unrealistic with its aims

‘British hydrogen plane could be in the air by 2026’

A company is looking to build an aircraft that can be powered entirely by the green gas

Aviation sector unleashes new 2050 net zero roadmap

Technology, finance, policy, energy infrastructure and operations are all key focuses of the strategy

UK’s first SAF terminal underway

The project will be built on Teesside, generating 125,000 tonnes of fuel each year from 2028

Could pigs, chickens and cows power your next holiday?

Researchers are unsure of the environmental impacts of animal fats to power jets

France bans short-haul flights

The ban has been made to cut emissions and fight climate change