Investment flies into sustainable aviation fuel

International Airlines Group has partnered with cleantech company to invest in sustainable aviation fuel

Big Zero Report 2023

International Airline Group (IAG) has invested in cleantech company, Nova Pangaea Technologies’ (NPT) production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

NPT’s production technology converts agricultural waste and wood residue feedstocks into second-generation bioethanol, which is then converted to SAF.

IAG aims to secure further UK SAF supply ahead of the introduction of the UK Government’s SAF mandate, expected to be introduced in 2025. 

The UK’s SAF mandate will require at least 10% of jet fuel to be made from sustainable feedstocks by 2030. This represents 1.2 million tonnes of fuel.

Luis Gallego, Chief Executive Officer at IAG, said: “Sustainable Aviation Fuel is the only realistic option for long haul airlines to decarbonise, which is why investment in this area is so critical.

“At IAG, we have set a goal to use 10% SAF by 2030.  And we are not just buying SAF, we are willing to invest in developing the industry, but we need governments in the UK and Europe to act now to encourage further investment.”

NPT expects to finish construction and start producing SAF 2025.

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