Monday 7 August 2023

Fresh £33m investment for UK-made low carbon inhalers

Fresh £33m investment for UK-made low carbon inhalers

Fresh investment totalling £33 million has been jointly pledged by the UK Government and industry to deliver the production of environmentally-friendly inhalers.

The investment is expected to create 40 jobs and safeguard 218 existing jobs across Kindeva Drug Delivery's sites in Clitheroe and Loughborough.

It will ensure a new generation of green, low carbon, respiratory inhalers are made in the UK as well as support green improvements to Kindeva's inhaler componentry supply chain in Clitheroe.

David Stevens, Kindeva’s Global Chief Commercial Officer said: “This joint investment creates a myriad of new opportunities for colleagues within the UK, as significant technical and regulatory expertise is required in the development and manufacturing of complex inhalation pharmaceutical products.

“Furthermore, it provides Kindeva with a springboard to expand our capabilities and capacity, while simultaneously partnering with the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to bring the next generation of green inhalers to market, with a common goal of safeguarding access to necessary therapies for our patients and also reducing our impact on the planet.”

The government's funding is being allocated through its Life Sciences Innovative Manufacturing Fund (LSIMF) , part of the chancellor's new £650 million Life Sci for Growth war-chest.

Health Minister Will Quince added: “The pandemic demonstrated the importance of investing in our ability to manufacture medicines in the UK and of upskilling staff in the sector so we can respond rapidly to health emergencies. This investment in low carbon inhalers will also help the NHS meet its net zero ambition.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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