ELN investigates the Global Strike for Climate

The Global Strike for Climate launched today across more than 150 countries to push governments around the world to step up action on saving the planet

Five-course menu served up for sustainable food system

Agriculture and related land-use change generate one quarter of annual greenhouse gas emissions

Southern cities ‘outperforming rest of the UK in terms of sustainability’

A new report highlights a growing geographical divide between cities in the north and south with regards to going green

Could interbreeding with aliens help us survive climate change?

A scientist from Oxford University suggests that could already be the case…

‘Two-thirds of urban emissions are being outsourced’

Many urban centres have a significant impact on the generation of greenhouse gas emissions from beyond their boundaries

World’s largest firms could save equivalent of Japan’s emissions

The world’s largest companies could save the equivalent of Japan’s annual CO2 emissions. Out of the biggest 800 companies globally, 363 fully disclosed their emissions data to ET Index Research. According to its new report, the least efficient half of the firms that disclosed the data could make the 1.4 billion tonnes of CO2 savings by increasing their efficiency […]

We’ve used up our planet’s resources already this year!

Yesterday was a crucial date. On August 9th humanity used up all the resources of the Earth for this year, with almost five months to go! So called Earth Overshoot Day, is a date in the calendar when it’s estimated we consume the resources of the Earth. Since it started back in 2006, the day […]

Solar could be world’s main power source by 2050

Solar could be the largest source of electricity in the world by 2050, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said. Its new report predicts solar photovoltaic systems to produce up to 16% of the world’s electricity and solar thermal electricity (STE) to provide another 11% by mid-century. Combined, they could also cut more than six billion […]

$1.9tn needed in global electricity infrastructure by 2024 – report

The world will need to invest up to $198 billion (£117.6bn) a year in infrastructure such as substations and power lines in the next decade to meet the rise in electricity demand, a new report claims. Up to $170 billion (£101bn) would have to be invested on transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure and up to […]

US and India “hotspots” for new power projects

United States and India are the biggest “hotspots” of activity in the power sector with new projects worth a potential $16billion (£) announced in the countries at the end of 2012. Norway’s proposed Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project at Mongstad – worth $3.7billion (£2.3bn) – was also significant new project. In total 95 new […]