University of Sheffield joins UN’s Race to Zero campaign

It previously set a target to become carbon neutral on campus by 2030 and across all its activities by 2038

University of Sheffield pledges carbon neutrality by 2038

The commitments have been outlined in its new five-year sustainability strategy, which includes commitments to embed Education for Sustainable Development in all taught courses

Adding rock dust to crops ‘could trap two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year’

A major new study led by the University of Sheffield suggests spreading finely crushed basalt on fields can boost the soil’s ability to extract greenhouse gases from the air

University of Sheffield switches to 100% renewable electricity

Wind, hydro and solar sources will now power all of the university’s buildings

Urban farming could provide ‘five a day’ for 90,000 people

Researchers at the University of Sheffield suggest farming on urban land and rooftops could significantly improve food security in the UK

New £1.2m study to explore ways of decarbonising the steel industry

It will aim to help eliminate the industry’s dependence on fossil fuels as the UK moves towards net zero carbon by 2050

New £28m UK research hub aims to drive electrical revolution

Researchers who will work closely with industry to address key manufacturing challenges in the production of electrical machines in sectors including aerospace, high value automotive and energy

Efficiency gauge
New hub aims to efficiently electrify UK industry

Led by the University of Sheffield, the hub aims to overcome manufacturing challenges relating to electric development

UK grants £900k for carbon capture testing facility

A carbon capture project has been awarded a research and development grant worth almost £900,000. A consortium led by Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) will use the funding to build a large-scale testing facility at the University of Sheffield. It will help progress research into lowering the cost of the technology, with the ultimate aim […]

New project to improve mine water treatment efficiency

A new project aims to improve the efficiency of mine water treatment schemes. The Coal Authority, which manages Britain’s coal mines and employs contractors to clean water cascades and pipework across its 75 mine water treatment sites, is working with scientists from the University of Sheffield on the project. The manual ‘wash and brush-ups’ are […]