University of Sheffield switches to 100% renewable electricity

Wind, hydro and solar sources will now power all of the university’s buildings

Festival Net Zero 2021

The University of Sheffield has signed new electricity contracts, making its purchased power supply 100% renewable for the first time and supporting its journey to becoming carbon-neutral.

The contracts with Bryt Energy will see electricity generated exclusively from wind, hydro and solar sources supply all of the university’s buildings.

Electricity accounts for more than half of the university’s on-campus emissions, meaning the new supply will reduce net carbon emissions by up to 17,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Professor Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, said: “We are absolutely committed to addressing climate change via our research, our education and our institutional actions.

“Switching to a 100% renewable electricity contract is an important step in our sustainability work and follows our work to completely divest from fossil fuels and incorporate sustainable development into our education.”

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