Imported emissions ‘mean UK’s carbon footprint peaked later than believed’

The Office for National Statistics said while directly-produced carbon emissions peaked in 1972, total carbon emissions created by the UK economy peaked thirty-five years later

UK’s natural capital ‘is worth almost £1 trillion’

The Office for National Statistics says it has started ‘building accounts of the UK’s nature’

Green spending
UK Government spent £14.7bn on green protections in 2017

The Office for National Statistics suggests this accounted for around 1.8% of total government expenditure over the year

UK energy consumption down, imports up

The UK is consuming less energy than it did in 1998. Energy consumption fell by 17% between 1998 and 2015, new data from the Office from National Statistics (ONS) reveals. That’s due to the increased use of energy efficient technologies, government policies designed to reduce consumption and a decline of manufacturing, especially in energy-intensive industries, […]

UK’s green economy worth £46.2bn in 2014

The UK’s low carbon and renewable energy (LCRE) economy generated £46.2 billion in 2014. Final estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal around 96,500 businesses in the UK operated in the LCRE sector, employing 238,500 full-time workers. The majority of businesses were in the construction industry, which generated £12.4 billion and employed 96,500 […]

UK’s nuclear sector generated £3.5bn in 2014

The UK’s nuclear sector generated a turnover of around £3.5 billion in 2014. It also exported £43.5 million and imported £303 million in goods and services during the same period, new data from the Office for National Statistics revealed. It added the nuclear sector also employed 15,500 full-time workers. Of those, 30.3% were working in businesses where […]

UK green sector employed 233k people last year

Around 233,000 people were employed in the low carbon and renewable industry in 2014. New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also revealed more than 96,500 businesses were “active” in the Low Carbon and Renewable Energy (LCRE) economy during the same period. A total turnover of £43.5 billion was generated as a result […]

Major new survey to measure UK’s green economy

A major new survey that aims to find out the contribution of low carbon and green energy to the UK economy has been launched. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) will send out the ‘Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economic Survey’ to 40,000 businesses, including those involved in energy production, manufacturing, construction and waste production. […]

Household energy spending up by 55% over decade

Householders in the UK have seen their energy bills soar by 55% in a decade despite cutting the amount of gas and electricity they use by almost a fifth. New statistics reveal consumers spent an average of £106 a month on household energy in 2012 compared to just £69 a month in 2002 although the […]

31,100 winter deaths due to ‘poor insulated homes’

The UK saw a steep rise in the number of winter deaths last year, with charity and green groups claiming it was a result of “poor insulated homes”. There was an extra 31,100 winter deaths in England and Wales last year – a 29% rise compared to the previous winter, according to the Office for […]