Sainsbury’s partners with Imperial College on research to meet net zero emissions targets

The partnership aims to help the supermarket chain reduce its emissions by minimising the use of natural gas, diesel, electricity and water it uses

University students compete in best climate investment idea challenge

The proposed business ideas include a carbon-positive timber real estate investment trust and a sustainable cattle farming fund

How can a flexible energy system help deliver net zero?

Carbon Trust and Imperial College are leading a new cross-sector consortium project to find the answer…

Could wind turbines provide more power on coldest days?

Wind turbines produce more power on the coldest days than the average winter day. That’s according to new research, which compared wind power availability with electricity demand in winter, suggesting while winter days are usually less windy, turbines work harder on the coldest days. The team, which involved scientists from the Met Office Hadley Centre, […]

Imperial College opens green business school

Imperial College has opened a green business school to help people make better sustainable investment decisions. The Centre for Climate Finance and Investment will help its students manage the risk and opportunities posed by climate change. Experts will explain the new business models, markets and strategies that are taking shape and explain how to interact with them […]

UK missing ‘billions’ of savings from energy storage

The UK could be missing out on billions of pounds worth of savings because the Government isn’t doing enough to encourage energy storage technology. That’s the concern of Mick Barlow, grid and energy storage expert at S&C Electric Company, who warns the Government isn’t doing enough to support the new technology. He told ELN: “People […]

Tech savvy cities will become more sustainable

Computer heavyweight Intel is set to invest $40 million (£25.5m) in a worldwide network of research centres, which includes collaborating with Imperial College and UCL in London. The global technology firm wants to improve computing solutions to enhance the sustainability of cities. Justin Rattner, Intel chief technology officer said: “In 2050, most of the nine […]

CCS: Capturing carbon and students

Imperial College open CCS pilot plant in chemical engineering department.

Imperial College launches student-run CCS plant

Imperial college launched its very own CCS research plant yesterday- right in the middle of London. The pilot plant, arguably the most sophisticated of its kind in an academic institution in the world, will provide a hands-on education experience for the College’s undergraduate engineers. The plant demonstrates how CO2 emissions can be captured in a […]

Human waste project trumps the Bill Gates competition

A team of researchers from British Universities has been granted funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a prototype system for recovering drinkable water and harvesting hydrogen energy from human faecal waste. The team of researchers from Imperial College London, the University of Manchester and Durham University beat more than 2,000 other […]