Wednesday 22 February 2012

Carbon Trust gives £1m toward fuel cell research

Carbon Trust gives £1m toward fuel cell research

The Carbon Trust will give £1m to two projects that are supporting research into new fuel cell technologies which the not-for-profit company claims could be widely used by 2017.

Half the money is going to a joint project between Imperial College London and University College London which aims to cut costs by using existing high-volume manufacturing techniques used to make printed circuit boards.

Dr Ben Graziano, Technology Commercialisation Manager at the Carbon Trust, said: "After a lot of hype, fuel cell technology is now a great growth opportunity for the UK. The funding that we have received from DECC has enabled us to support the development of some truly world-class British technologies that could slash the costs of fuel cells and transform how we all get about; by 2017 British fuel cell technologies could be powering your car."

The second £500,000 will go to ACAL Energy and ITM Power to develop a new hybrid high-power, low-cost fuel cell design.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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