‘Move straight from coal to renewables – avoid gas!’

Gas should no longer be seen as a ‘transition fuel’, a new report claims

Gazprom cuts off Polish and Bulgarian gas exports after rouble refusal

The countries have stressed they can cope with the break in exports, reviewing ‘other partners’

Three-quarters of Brits want low carbon alternative to gas

Given the cost of heat pump installations, many back hydrogen as the way to decarbonise their homes

‘Renewables can replace gas within five years’

RenewableUK has published a plan to grow renewable power by 25% by 2030

UK farmers paid to stop using gas fertiliser

Rocketing gas prices are impacting the agricultural industry, with the government looking for greener solutions

Ofgem funds EV to gas network project

The connection to the network means these EVs could run on hydrogen in the future

Italy considers floating LNG plants to cut Russian reliance

These will be built in the Adriatic Sea

Gas prices to hike further, with Putin only accepting roubles

All contracts in euros, dollars and pounds will now have to be drawn up in Russian currency

Bulgaria considering ditching Russian gas

The country is looking to cut its deal with Gazprom at the end of this year

Pakistan continues with Russian gas pipeline

This is despite pressure from the West to condemn Putin for the invasion of Ukraine