Wednesday 10 May 2023

British Gas offers money back if heat pumps aren’t up to scratch

British Gas offers money back if heat pumps aren’t up to scratch

British Gas has promised to give customers their money back if its heat pumps don’t heat homes as well as gas boilers.

The company has made the ‘Warm Home Promise’ in a bid to see more people take up heat pumps, lowering its own carbon footprint and that of its clientele.

Its new scheme includes a five-year guarantee and it has pledged to match any offer given by a competitor below its installation fee of £2,999.

To reassure customers, it has also said that it will only install a heat pump if it genuinely believes it can sufficiently heat that person’s home on a cold day – and if not, it will suggest other ‘carbon-saving options.’

If the heat pump doesn’t provide the temperature agreed on, buyers will get all their money back, British Gas has said.

It revealed that it has installed more heat pumps than any other business and is currently training 3,500 engineers to complete future installations.

Andrew Middleton, Managing Director, British Gas Zero commented: “Heat pumps are an important part of helping the UK lower its home emissions to reach our net zero targets so we are doing all we can to increase take up.

“We recognise that the transition from a boiler to a heat pump can be daunting and want to reassure our customers that they can effectively heat their home, even through the coldest spells in Winter.

“Our engineers are ready to guide consumers through this process and we are making sure they are as affordable and accessible as possible.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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