Ford to use Chinese EV battery tech at US factories

The carmaker will pay to use CATL’s techniques of making lithium-ion phosphate batteries, which it claims will make its EVs cheaper to produce

Finnish start-up Cactos raises €2.5m for second-life Tesla batteries

It has developed a way to give old Tesla batteries new life by turning them into smart energy storage units

Can a battery charge your electric car in 10 mins?

Researchers think they’ve found the answer

Snap! Could crabs make EV batteries more sustainable?

Scientists say a chemical found in crab and lobster shells could help with EV recycling

VW and Audi recycling EV batteries with new partnership

They have joined forces with a company set up by Tesla’s Co-Founder JB Straubel

UK opens first intelligence centre to process critical minerals

It is expected to improve the resilience of the UK’s supply chain for critical minerals, which are essential for manufacturing products such as EV batteries and wind turbines

Car manufacturer Stellantis invests €50m in sustainable lithium producer Vulcan

The investment will support Vulcan’s planned production expansion drilling in its Upper Rhine Valley Brine Field, where the company is already producing geothermal energy

EVs to make up 83% of battery demand in 20 years

This is due to growing demand and industry priorities, a new report claims

Jaguar Land Rover charges ahead to give second life to old EV batteries

It has partnered with Pramac to use its I-Pace batteries for portable EV charging

TES closes deal to build battery recycling facility in Port of Rotterdam

It will be the first lithium battery recycling plant in the Netherlands, with up to 10,000 tonnes of shredding capacity per year