UK urged to do two things to offset impact of scrapping £2,500 energy bill freeze

Speaking to ELN, an Energy Policy Professor has highlighted the need for the government to look at how the targeted energy bill support would look from April 2023 onwards

Industry comes together to push for a hydrogen future

A campaign has been launched asking the government to invest in hydrogen

Scotland smashes renewables generation record

More than 18,000GWh of renewable electricity generates in the six months of the year

Vladimir Putin: Russia could resume gas supplies to EU through Nord Stream 2

Putin has said Russia has no responsibility for the skyrocketing global energy prices

Massive stellar winds of growth for global offshore wind, new analysis finds

Offshore wind opportunities soar with 135GW of potential capacity available in leasing rounds, according to a report

Energy crisis: “Winter 2023 will be more difficult”

Michael Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy has highlighted on FNZ the need for a public campaign to help people to save energy in the coming months

Temporary cap on balancing charges given green light by Ofgem

The £40/MWh cap will apply until April 2023

Smart meters
How can smart meter data help the Energy Price Guarantee scheme?

The Energy Price Guarantee is designed to limit the price households pay per unit of gas and electricity they use

Germany unveils €200bn fund to protect people from rising gas prices

The German Chancellor has said “we will not leave anyone alone with the high energy bills”

“Why, Liz, is fracking safe to continue?”

The Prime Minister has said that “if there is local consent we will go ahead” with fracking projects