Renewables Auction Round 6 price increase sparks industry response

The government announced increased auction strike prices for offshore wind and renewable projects in Auction Round 6

EVs and hydrogen set to propel Europe’s power demand by 30% by 2035

The electric vehicle industry anticipates a rise in power consumption from 170TWh in 2030 to nearly 300TWh by 2035

Industry reacts to appointment of new Energy Security Secretary

Claire Coutinho has been urged to take immediate action to restore the UK’s position as the top choice for global renewable energy investment

UK energy industry reacts to biomass strategy

Seven UK energy trade groups support the evidence-based biomass strategy but stress immediate government action for effective BECCS to achieve climate goals

UN says oil and gas delegates have to disclose ties at summits

More than 600 fossil fuel employees were present at COP27

Industry bids farewell to BEIS

What does industry think about the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero?

UK urged to do two things to offset impact of scrapping £2,500 energy bill freeze

Speaking to ELN, an Energy Policy Professor has highlighted the need for the government to look at how the targeted energy bill support would look from April 2023 onwards

Industry comes together to push for a hydrogen future

A campaign has been launched asking the government to invest in hydrogen

Scotland smashes renewables generation record

More than 18,000GWh of renewable electricity generates in the six months of the year

Vladimir Putin: Russia could resume gas supplies to EU through Nord Stream 2

Putin has said Russia has no responsibility for the skyrocketing global energy prices