Friday 16 February 2024

Debate over wind farm energy bill discounts

Debate over wind farm energy bill discounts

Opinions on the implementation of energy bill discounts for communities residing near wind farms were varied and divided, as revealed in responses to a recent government consultation.

The consultation sought feedback on updating the Community Benefits Protocol to include innovative initiatives such as energy bill discounts.

While some respondents supported the inclusion of these discounts, others expressed reservations.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents agreed that the protocol should reflect emerging schemes, emphasising the need for flexibility to address local preferences and needs.

However, there was no consensus on mandating energy bill discounts as a community benefit, with suggestions ranging from maintaining the current framework to exploring alternative benefit offerings.

Additionally, respondents highlighted the importance of addressing barriers that might hinder communities from utilising benefit funds effectively, proposing direct support from developers.

Minister for Nuclear and Renewables Andrew Bowie said: "We support onshore wind where it has clear local community support and where those communities can directly benefit from the cheap, clean electricity that is produced.

"Today, we're setting out our plans to modernise the existing Community Benefits Protocol and make it official government guidance later this year. This will set out clearly the total value of benefits communities will receive when agreeing to host an onshore wind farm.

"To increase transparency and awareness of community benefits schemes, we're also planning to set up a public register so people can more easily find out what benefits are on offer.

"These changes will make it easier for communities in England that support onshore wind to decide which benefits work best for their area, and ensure they are properly rewarded for hosting the turbines that power homes and businesses with clean electricity."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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