Winter demand service to triple: Will UK lights stay on?

The electricity system operator expects a significant increase in participation in this winter’s Demand Flexibility Service, potentially tripling last year’s uptake

National Gas mulls paying households to reduce heating

National Gas is reportedly considering offering payments to households in exchange for reducing heating usage to mitigate potential gas shortages

Brits face £6,000 annual bill to reach net zero by 2050

The pursuit of net zero emissions by 2050 in the UK could come at a staggering cost, with a report estimating the price tag at over £4.5 trillion

UK ditches home energy efficiency taskforce just six months in

A taskforce dedicated to accelerating home insulation and boiler upgrades, which was established in March and included prominent experts, has been disbanded

UK homes balance the grid

UK households are set to stabilise the power grid by participating in a new trial initiated by the Electricity System Operator

Heat pump beats energy waste: Mimicking the heart’s rhythm

Scientists mimic the human heart’s pulsating power to slash energy consumption in heat pump processes

Cash magnets: £6.6m to boost UK’s minerals supply

This investment aims to bolster the supply of materials used in industries like wind farms and electric vehicles

UK invests £45.7m to lower business energy costs

Tweed Valley Maltings in Northumberland has secured government funding to establish a low carbon energy centre

EDF announces £4.5bn investment for net zero

The energy giant has committed to helping customers reduce emissions by five million tonnes annually through the adoption of low carbon solutions

Electric Miles and National Grid join forces

Electric Miles will be utilising its network of domestic EV chargers to reduce peak energy demand during the upcoming winter season