Thursday 22 February 2024

‘Grid errors delay housebuilding’

‘Grid errors delay housebuilding’

The housebuilding industry is facing substantial delays due to inaccuracies in estimating the electricity grid connections required for new homes.

That's according to a report by independent advisor Turley, which suggests that current methods overestimate grid capacity needs, potentially allowing for 2.5 times more houses to be built if requirements are reviewed.

Turley's analysis indicates that the average new home may need only 1.8kVA of power, significantly lower than the estimated 4.5kVA typically assumed.

This discrepancy is attributed to advancements in energy efficiency and the adoption of variable electricity tariffs, which mitigate peak demand on the grid.

The report advocates for an industry-wide review of grid connectivity sizing processes to alleviate capacity constraints and accelerate housing delivery, especially in areas like West London, where grid capacity challenges are most severe.

Written by

Sumit Bose

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