Europe’s first commercial green steel?

A Swedish company is hopeful of producing fossil free steel by 2025

Wales stops road projects for the climate

All major road building projects in Wales have been scrapped

Fertiliser emissions could drop by 80%

They currently account for 5% of all greenhouse gas emissions during their entire lifecycle

Government urging walking and cycling with £200m

Improved crossings and routes across the UK will be introduced to reduce the emissions of local areas

UN: World’s richest contribute half of polluting emissions

Wealthiest 1% have been to blame for a quarter of pollution growth in the last 30 years, a report claims

Greenpeace campaigners climb aboard Shell oil and gas platform

The platform was being transported to the Shetland Islands when the protestors managed to get on

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Transport, food, consumption, freight and other daily activities have all been considered in a new report

How can cement cut its carbon footprint?

Which technologies are considered the answer to the industry which produces 8% of the world’s emissions?

AI says 1.5°C is out of reach

It also warns that if emissions aren’t curbed, 2°C could be hit by mid-century

The Carbon Column – Who is to blame?

In this article I share some of the emerging themes from Assad Razzouk’s book about climate change