Big Apple turns to carbon capture

New rules in New York will see building managers fined for not reducing emissions

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Skyscrapers in New York are looking to use carbon capture technology to lower their carbon footprint.

Given the number of vertical buildings in the Big Apple, tackling the emissions of skyscrapers has been high on the priority list for the city.

A new law has been passed following in the footsteps of nearby Boston, which will see some of New York’s tall edifices face fines without action to cut their carbon.

Carbon capture is being used by certain buildings, with the carbon taken and turned into drinks and soap.

CarbonQuest has built the technology, with Chief Operating Officer Brian Asparro stating: “Time is not on our side and this type of solution can be installed quickly, cost-effectively and without a major disruption.”

The buildings currently using its technology are having close to 60% of the emissions captured from their boilers, Mr Asparro claims.

Alongside carbon capture, buildings in New York are considering heat pumps, LED lighting and battery storage to quash emissions.

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