UK mulls ban on plastic wet wipes

The government has launched a consultation aimed at banning wet wipes containing plastic across the UK

UK scraps EU water pollution rules to build 100,000 homes

The government has unveiled plans to eliminate EU-era regulations related to nutrient neutrality, paving the way for the construction of over 100,000 homes in England by 2030

“Raw sewage floods sensitive UK wilderness areas for 300,000 hours”

Nearly 1,200 sewage overflow pipes in England and Wales discharged raw sewage for over 300,000 hours last year in protected wildlife habitats, according to a report

UK to scrap £250,000 limit and impose unlimited fines on polluters

Under the new legislations, regulator could impose higher penalties to ensure compliance across sectors such as energy, water, waste operations and incinerators

Ministers cautioned by leaked document: Net zero initiatives deemed ineffective

A leaked Defra document had allegedly warned that key climate policies in the government’s net zero strategy may not succeed

‘Keeping animals in zoos breeds global warming’

Researchers claim keeping polar bears in captivity is not just an issue for their welfare but for carbon emissions too

‘Government’s environmental efforts fall short’

That’s the warning from a watchdog, stating “the situation is poor across the board”

Backlash from environmental farming review

The government’s green subsidy reward scheme for farmers is on hold

‘Water companies’ pollution performance hits new low’

The Environment Agency claims the level of serious incidents and low ratings has never been so bad

‘England’s rainforests burned illegally’

Peatlands across the UK are being burned for shooting purposes, releasing carbon into the atmosphere