Backlash from environmental farming review

The government’s green subsidy reward scheme for farmers is on hold

‘Water companies’ pollution performance hits new low’

The Environment Agency claims the level of serious incidents and low ratings has never been so bad

‘England’s rainforests burned illegally’

Peatlands across the UK are being burned for shooting purposes, releasing carbon into the atmosphere

‘Environment nearing dangerous tipping points’

An independent watchdog is calling on the government to step up environmental protection

Government slammed over tree planting plan

MPs have called for a comprehensive plan to support planting on a larger scale

Government awards funding to plant 680,000 trees

Successful projects will share £9 million for the development of new urban green spaces

Is nature-friendly farming the answer to cutting down emissions?

A new report suggests regenerative farming in the UK could have the same impact as removing 900k cars from the roads

‘UK faces damages of more than £1 billion per year by 2050 with a temperature rise of 2°C’

The UK is facing 61 climate risks, according to the UK’s third Climate Change Risk Assessment

More than 250,000 trees to be planted across UK

Defra has announced £12m will be provided to planting trees in areas that have been hit by degradation and pollution

Hinkley Point C could ‘wipe out’ 11 billion fish, Bristol Channel campaigners say

Activist groups are campaigning against EDF’s decision to remove Acoustic Fish Deterrents on the cooling water intakes at the nuclear power station