‘Only six crop species yield 80% of global industrial biofuel and that costs to people and planet’

That’s according to the Senior Research Leader at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Dr Olwen Grace who spoke to FNZ about the world’s methods of producing ‘green energy’

Low carbon greenhouses in Norfolk and Suffolk near completion

The structures will be home to the largest heat pump system project in the UK and their construction has used more glass than the Shard skyscraper in London Bridge

Adding rock dust to crops ‘could trap two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year’

A major new study led by the University of Sheffield suggests spreading finely crushed basalt on fields can boost the soil’s ability to extract greenhouse gases from the air

Climate change ‘could threaten 60% of the world’s wheat supplies’

New research suggests the proportion of global wheat production areas at risk of drought would be four times higher than current levels

Quinoa crops
Could trendy quinoa prove an unlikely climate change saviour?

Scientists in Dubai say it is among a group of crops that could ensure food supply despite soaring populations and worsening water scarcity

Carbon emissions ‘will threaten crops and human nutrition’

Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East are expected to be the regions most affected

Use waste products rather than crops for biofuels, say researchers

Biofuels produced from waste products could make a “real impact” in cutting carbon emissions than crops. That’s according to the Royal Academy of Engineering, which claims biofuels made from food crops like wheat can sometimes produce higher emissions than petrol and their use should be restricted. It found while biofuels manufactured from crops like corn […]

Energy saving seeds sown for US crop farmers

Farmers in Michigan can apply for cash to upgrade old and outdated equipment to lower their costs. The energy efficiency cash is targeted towards Michigan crop and dairy farms and commercial greenhouses. Farmers can apply for upgrades that include new irrigation systems, refrigeration and grain dryers, said DTE Energy, the utility behind the Commercial Energy-Efficiency Incentive Program. Jim […]

New ways to save rainforests

Researchers say they have hit on a way to stop damage done to tropical rainforests as a result of man-made crops. Over the last ten years, industrial scale agriculture has expanded into tropical rainforest areas, according to the World Resources Institute. Clearing these tropical rainforests causes about 10-15% of human-caused carbon emissions and fewer species can survive where trees have […]

Europe’s biomass appetite “would eat three UKs”

Imagine the UK was covered with crops used for biofuel. Multiply it by three. That’s the amount of land and forest needed to meet Europe’s bioenergy demands according to a new report by the Vienna University of Economics and Business for Friends of the Earth Europe. Supporters of biofuel argue it is a valuable energy […]